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Spiderman Cake

29 Jul

After a slightly different week with a trip to BBC Radio Lancashire and school holidays to occupy me, I have been a bit slow uploading last weekend’s birthday cake.  I think that this is technically my first duplicate cake, as I have made a Spiderman face cake before.  Friends and regular readers will know I have made two shark cakes but they were a bit different from each other so I’m going with Spiderman.

This is a vanilla madeira with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam shaped into Spiderman’s face from a 9″ round cake, and covered with poppy red sugarpaste and the familiar webbing.  I really like the eyes as they are dusted with a pearlescent lustre powder.  I also love the blue, red and yellow combination.  The blue ‘blob’ on the right is there for the candle as it seemed a little cruel to insert it into Spidey’s face!

Happy Birthday Harry!



BBC Radio Lancashire Appearance

28 Jul


On Tuesday this week, Sue from A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate and I were invited to BBC Radio Lancashire to talk to John Gillmore about the forthcoming Clandestine Cake Club in South Lancashire on 10 August.  I hadn’t met Sue before so it was a great opportunity to put a face to name, and lovely to meet her and her husband who kindly took lots of pictures of/for us.  Now, I am not ordinarily one for subjecting others to photos of me but Sue made this lovely collage so I thought I would go for it!  Hopefully posterous does not expand it to billboard size when I upload it. Nobody reads this anyway, so that is ok. 🙂  

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and how I would come across being interviewed, so I was a bit of a bundle of nerves as we went into the studio and sat down.  I was very glad to have Sue there as well for support.  Anyway, it wasn’t too painful though I still haven’t quite plucked up the courage to listen back.  I am reliably informed that we are around one hour and sixteen minutes into the programme.  I do recall saying something about parents being brave eating what their children bring back from school cooking lessons and I have already been told off by my stepdaughter about this, who took personal umbridge, even though she left school some years ago.  Whoops!  I have also been told that I have a posh voice (!) so I hope Marks and Spencers get in touch soon as I do quite fancy doing the voiceovers for their adverts. 

Thank you BBC Radio Lancashire for having us – and Carol Turner and John Gillmore in particular.

Clandestine Cake Club – South Lancashire – Come join us!

11 Jul

I am very excited to announce my involvement in the Clandestine Cake Club – South Lancashire Club.  Our first event is to be held on Wednesday 10 August 2011 from 6pm to 8pm in a location not to far from Leyland/Chorley.  Details and booking instructions can be found here.  

What is it?

Well, if you love making and eating cake and you can get to this lovely part of Lancashire, then please do consider coming to join us to share your cake with other likeminded people.  

In essence, this is nothing more than a simple, social gathering (not, not, most certainly not, a competition!), centred around cake.  

We are asking for a £3 contribution per person towards room hire charges on this occasion but we will supply endless (subject to availability) tea/coffee/squash to wash down your cake with.  All bakers can bring along one non-baker guest with them but of course you don’t have to.

Please do come and help us make this a successful evening.  Sue and I are really looking forward to it and we look forward to welcoming you.

Judge Judy Birthday Cake

1 Jul

I’ve had a busy week this week.  It didn’t start to well as my car got a little too friendly with a bollard and is now having a holiday at the bodyshop, but it got better with some sunshine, a trip to the zoo, and a slightly erratic game of crazy golf.  

Meanwhile, I made this birthday cake for my friend’s husband who is an avid Judge Judy fan.  The plan for the cake started out with something based around the Maltese cross (he is Maltese) but we were reminded of his regular viewing of the Judge Judy show and plans soon progressed on to that, but incorporating the Maltese cross.  JJ fans will know that the stars and stripes are usually in the background so it was simple to swap those flags for the Maltese cross.  The flags are the only non-edible parts of the cake. 

The cake itself is a vanilla madeira and covered in coloured sugarpaste with a bit of additional painting.  It is dairy free.  I am quite used to my madeira with lots of butter in so the taste and texture was a little different.  I am now on a mission to try out different dairy free recipes and butter substitutes.  I made a dairy free carrot cake which has gone down very well with family and friends at the Women’s Institute I go to.  It is lighter than a rich fruit cake but reminiscent of it with the spice, brandy and juicy fruit.  I am still trying to imagine how well it would work with marzipan and icing but would definitely be good with some piped cinnamon cream cheese frosting for a celebration cake.  Yum.

Anyway, many happy returns to Peter and fingers crossed Judge Judy never sees this as I am not entirely sure it is that flattering!  Oops.