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This cake is a bit pants

23 Aug

This is the latest cake I made, for Andy’s 50th birthday party at the weekend.  Apparently, there is a funny story behind the subject matter of this cake but I will leave that to your imagination.  It is a vanilla madeira cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam and is quite a big pair of pants at around 13″ wide!  It lead to some interesting internet research working out the proportions of this cake but I managed to clean my eyeballs eventually thankfully.

Happy Birthday Andy and many happy returns to you!


Edible Image Christening Cake

15 Aug

I was very pleased to be asked to make Olivia’s Christening Cake for the family’s celebration yesterday.  The brief was a vanilla madeira featuring an edible image of the special girl, with the text as shown, and simply decorated with a colour theme of baby pink.  It was great to work with a softer colours for a change and create a different style of cake from recent ones.  Congratulations to Olivia on her Christening.

South Lancashire Clandestine Cake Club

12 Aug


Well, it was a wet and miserable Wednesday in South Lancashire but five intrepid bakers and three guests fought their way through the rain, an out of date satnav and the Chorley one way system, to Adlington.  “What for?” you ask…well, the first South Lancashire Clandestine Cake Club of course!  

Sue bought a victoria sponge cake with cardamom, rose cream and rhubarb, Lindsey brought a chocolate beetroot cake (which I’ve also since noted is dairy free), Wendy brought a banana cake, Claire brought an Irish chocolate cake, and I brought a ginger cake.  We also got a BOGOF as Sue had brought along some Canadian Tea Loaf cake.  You can’t beat a BOGOF!

All the cakes were fabulous and a great demonstration of how diverse the humble cake can be.  I particularly loved the combination of the flavours in the victoria sponge, the light and moistness of both the chocolate beetroot cake and the banana cake, the gingeriness of the ginger cake (apparent but not overwhelming), the fruitiness of the Canadian tea loaf, and the sheer intensity and chocolate hit of the Irish chocolate cake.

It was a really lovely evening; everyone was very friendly and it was great to hear what different people are up to.  The conversation moved from cake to wine, to hen keeping, back to wine, tea drinking, and then on to everyone’s pets.  The hen keeping talk was very interesting – the eggs sound wonderful but the hens are quite a responsibility.  Maybe something for the future. 

I really appreciated the effort everyone had made before they came making their cakes, and in coming out.  We all left with some of the Teapigs teabags and Bottle Green drinks Sue had obtained, and of course the cake doggy bag.  I think I have appreciated the cakes even more over the past couple of days as I have had more chance to savour them.  I think I might have rushed a bit on the night….

There will be another South Lancashire Clandestine Cake Club so watch this space! I’m already looking forward to it….  

After the first course…


Thanks again to everyone for coming and I hope those that couldn’t make it can make it to the next one x

Ferrari Car Birthday Cake

9 Aug

This is the birthday cake I worked on over the weekend, for Adam who turned twenty one.  Firstly, an apology for the quality of the photos – I took them when the light had gone and should have used the flash in them all.

This is the first car cake I’ve done and oh boy – what a learning curve!!!  It is a chocolate fudge cake (layered with chocolate buttercream) so despite being quite a dense cake, it is definitely not as easy to work with as Madeira.  It is around eleven/twelve inches long and covered in a lot of red sugarpaste to capture the Ferrari red.  

Happy Birthday Adam!  




Giant Cupcake

3 Aug

Just a quick post today as I’m still busy with school holidays!  This is a chocolate Giant Cupcake made for Amelia’s thirteenth birthday.  The ‘cake case’ is made from sugarpaste with candy pink stripes, and the top is covered in chocolate buttercream and decorated with Smarties and Maltesers.  It was great to do a chocolate topping as I had only really worked with white chocolate buttercream on the top of these cakes previously.  This is one where I was fighting against the extreme heat (well, as extreme as it gets in Leyland!) so I was really pleased that the buttercream held up.

Happy Birthday Amelia – I hope you enjoyed your cake and celebrations.