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Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

20 Jan

This is the birthday cake I made last week for Izaak’s third birthday – it is Lightning McQueen!  It is carved from a vanilla madeira cake (layered with buttercream and jam) and covered in bright red icing.  The logos are handpainted on icing printer sheets, with ‘Rusteze’ being replaced by the birthday boy’s name to personalise it.  It was great doing this cake because as you put the features on the car gains more of a personality. 

Happy Birthday Izaak x


21st Birthday Cake

17 Jan

The brief last week was for a 21st birthday cake for a then twenty year old who I was told likes socialising and going out.  I was given this serviette for colour inspiration!


And this is what I came up with:

It is a 7″ round madeira cake with zebra inspired markings in graduated colours up the sides.  The cake is topped with a large ’21’ and a spray of feathers.  For what is a relatively small cake it has quite an impact with the strong colour scheme, the larger footprint of the hexagonal cake drum and the scale of the decorations on top.  I ended up thinking it was my Strictly Come Moulin Rouge cake!  This decorative cake would be great for other milestone birthdays as well and could be sized up or would even work in a tiered version.

Happy Birthday Olivia :-). 

Tinkerbell inspired Birthday Cake

7 Jan

This is my latest cake and it was great fun to make.  The brief for Jessica’s fourth birthday was simply Disney Fairies with a Tinkerbell invitation as a clue.  I really love having free reign on design and I was very happy with the result.   

The Fairy House is made from a 7″ madeira cake topped with a madeira cake made in a tiffin tin.  I went for a pastels colour scheme.  The tiles were all individually cut using a leaf plunger cutter, and the mortar between the stones of the wall was hand painted using the same colours to co-ordinate.  I used lots of lustre to give it a discreet sparkle.

I have elsewhere described the cake as a Grand Design because it stands at 10″+ tall, so quite a statement in a way!  The sharper tools amongst you will note that the door is a little petite for Tinkerbell’s frame but haven’t you heard of Pixie Dust to help things along!?!?  I also think next time the Fairy House needs a Velux – I don’t think Kevin McCloud would say it is flooded with internal light!

Happy Birthday Jessica x 


Birthday Cake Catch Up

5 Jan

I thought I would share with you a couple of birthday cakes I did in December – two different ends of the age spectrum!  The gallery above shows you the cake that I did for my Gran on the occasion of her surprise ninetieth birthday family party.  It is a 10″ by 8″ madeira set on a rectangular board so that I could include both models of her and my Grandad (supported by the cake) in a garden setting.  I really like the vegetable patch and the model of my Gran in particular (though she doesn’t really look that much like Mrs Merton!).  The whole cake is edible except for the wire glasses I made for my Gran figure.  As usual, I’d overcatered and I gather that the leftovers were shared with the residents of the other flats where they live.  Happy Birthday Gran!

This next cake is one that I did for Lucas for his second birthday (8″ madeira).  I made him a cow cake last year but he has now moved on to dinosaurs and the Ice Age movies!  I had fun using the new imprint mats I’d bought at Cake Internatinal to create the tree bark effect.  I used an Ice Age promo picture to inspire this cake with the yellow hues colour scheme you see.  However, I will share with you my one tip if you do a dinosaur cake, and that is not to use a yellow background as it didn’t help my paranoia that I’d created a lizard family rather than a dinosaur family!  Happy Birthday Lucas!