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Leopard Print Handbag Birthday Cake

28 Feb

This is the cake that I made for a dear friend, for her 40th birthday the weekend before last.  It is entirely edible (apart from the cake board and ribbon!).  I was inspired by the handbag cake project in Lindy Smith’s Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible.  Those that know this book, will know that I took my own direction with the surface design (and the exact shape too, if I’m honest!), but the starting point was definitely Lindy Smith’s.  Thanks Lindy!

The cake was carved using templates and then sugarpasted, panel by panel.  I haven’t iced a cake this way before and it was definitely the tricky bit, and slightly wasteful as the offcuts were tainted by crumb and buttercream so could not be re-used.  I persevered though and you could see it come together when the beading went on and covered the joins.  The leopard print effect was painted on with food colour.  I really like the clasp and the hoops, which were another tricky bit actually now I come to think of it!

I was extremely pleased overall with the end result.  It was strangely satisfying when a mutual friend of the birthday girl couldn’t see the cake across the venue because she assumed it was a bag (ok, so it was dark but even so!).

Many Happy Returns Jane.  I’ll do a Re-Take That Cake for your 50th!!! xxx




Baby Girl’s Christening Cake

24 Feb

Well it’s been a busy old couple of weeks and I am behind on posting up pictures of my latest cakes!  We are also trying to improve the standard of the pictures by using a light tent (when possible) and I am formatting them on the ‘puter too, to make them quicker to upload for you.  So…this is taking a little longer whilst I get used to it. 

Anyhoo, this is a Christening cake I did for a christening a fortnight ago.  The brief was ‘pink and girly’ but I incorporated some lemon and lilac as well, so there is perhaps a little more colour than a traditional/typical Christening cake.  That said, I loved creating the baby booties (made using a Jem cutter) and I do think that they instantly signify baby and ‘Christening’.  The feet theme is carried through on the button moulds used around the sides of the cake and the dashes to mark out the date are also little baby feet.  I am quite taken with the spotty ribbon around the cake which brings together the colour scheme.

Back to the gorgeous booties…I used an embosser to give more texture and interest to the front of the bootie and there are little blossoms around the eyelets and up the back of the bootie.  I put Florence’s name inside the shoes to personalise them – all children need their names in their clothes, right?  Where possible, I love my cakes to have a little hidden, extra detail that isn’t immediately obvious.  

I was very pleased with this cake as I was aiming for something more understated than I usually do (?).  It is a very versatile design – it could be upscaled to a tiered cake and it could be made for a boy, perhaps with a blue, green and orange colour scheme and stars or spots instead of the blossom.  

Barney the Friendly Dinosaur Birthday Cake

12 Feb

This is a birthday cake that I made last week.  It is an 8″ chocolate fudge cake with a Barney the Dinosaur theme for Robert’s first birthday.  The sides of the cake are brightly decorated with kites, clouds, balloons and a rainbow (which I love!).  The ‘cake drum’ was covered with yellow sugarpaste and painted in a cheerful, swirly pattern.  I was aiming to create something visually stimulating for a one year old.  The cake is off-centre on the drum to allow for the birthday greeting – a larger drum is an easy way to create a bigger impact without having to increase the size of the cake.

Happy Birthday Robert!