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If anyone would like a Christmas Cake let me know.

6 Oct

I can cater for special requirements such as no nuts, no cherries, no alcohol
etc, etc. Perhaps not no fruit but I am sure I could think of something! A
rich chocolate cake perhaps?

Let me know what you are after and I will work out a price for you.


I’m back, back, back etc

5 Oct

Well I am back after a few blog-free weeks!

I have been mad busy with a lovely two week family holiday and celebrating three
birthdays, including Little Tester’s. I seem to have had a peak in paperwork to
deal with too. Not quite sure where the time is going, and I can see Christmas
looming on the horizon too.

I do try to avoid the early Christmas commercialism but making your own
Christmas Cakes means you can’t ignore it for too long. I am in the process of
slowly buying the ingredients and new baking tins to make a couple of different
sizes as I already have a couple of orders from friends and family. I haven’t
quite decided what recipe to use but I have treated myself to some quality,
whole candied peel (as recommended by Delia I think), and I am thinking that
Calvados might be a nice fruity alternative to brandy to ‘feed’ it with. What
do you think? It is also about this time of year that we start our annual
search for some Noe 30 year old Pedro Ximenez sherry which tastes just like
liquid Christmas. If you like dried fruits then you will love this. There is a
buzz of excitement when Chief Tester and I find some (usually clearing the
shelves) followed by us policing intake to ensure we have fair shares.
Sometimes we can even bring ourselves to give a bottle as a present.

I am working on some ideas for blog entries but I thought I’d put up a couple of
piccies of things I’ve been up to. Shamefully, it is only this week that I am
making the rose and violet creams inspired cake for Rachel (I blame the
holiday), but I did deliver Tracy’s carrot cake during the week before my
holiday. She was looking for something low fat so I went to Harry Eastwood’s
book and tried out her recipe. I don’t think it is as light as some carrot
cakes I’ve tried but it is tasty and sweet. I cut out the addition of nuts to
the cake to reduce fat further. The topping was creamy of course – would it
still be carrot cake without the topping?

I also made a square chocolate birthday cake for my sister. This was a new
recipe and very rich. I am not quite sure what defines a ‘mud cake’ but it was
a similar recipe to chocolate mudcake recipes I’ve seen. It was quite damp and
dense and kept well. I liked it but it is not for the faint-hearted, but then
again, who-ever heard of a faint-hearted cake lover?

Of course, I realise that I am still very much on a challenging learning curve
when it comes to the art of cake decoration, and every cake I make brings new
lessons with it to learn (my sister’s birthday cake is a case in point). That
said, I hope you can tell the cake that Little Tester and I decorated together
for her big sister’s birthday. It was quite liberating to open the sprinkles
cupboard and empty it on to the table! Little Tester even positioned the
candles. Needless to say this was great fun and received very fondly by the
birthday girl. Let’s just say that Little Tester’s birthday cake was a little
more of a challenge for me, but I’ll keep you waiting on that one. Here’s a
clue: it used a LOT of blue food colouring. Cinders and ashes!