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Tea for Two

26 Apr

This is the Golden Wedding Anniversary cake that I made for Rod and Sheila last week.  Avid readers (or, more likely, reader!) will recognise the teapot cake, as it has the same design as one I made previously.  This cake was made for a raffle prize last year and i was really pleased to hear that the winners of that cake wanted the same design for their Golden Wedding celebrations this year.  The design was extended with the addition of the co-ordinating teacups, hence the ‘Tea for Two’ title.  The cake drum was iced in a pale gold/caramel colour and painted in gold with the initials ‘R’ and ‘S’ in a random and interlinked design not only to create the impression of a tablecloth perhaps, but also to be personal to Rod and Sheila.  Despite the cake being relatively small itself, I think that the addition of the teacups and the necessary footprint of the cake drum really gives this design a big impact befitting a large celebration.  

The teacups were made from sugarpaste strengthened with CMC.  This was rolled and cut out using a template.  The edges were then glued together and supported whilst they dried into shape.  The shape of the saucers was achieved by drying circles of the strengthened sugarpaste on saucers to ensure the edges had the required lift to them.  Due to my time consuming and frustrated attempts to make the teacup template, I had to call in help from the more mathematically minded Chief Tester in the household to finish (read, do) the job.  I’d like to think I’d have achieved success if I’d known where the pair of compasses were, but I’m not so sure that’s true.

As Rod and Sheila were celebrating with more people than they had portions for, I was also asked to make 90 daffodil cupcakes for their guests, supplied in gold cases of course.

I was slightly nervous about this commission – mainly due to the fiddly nature of the teacups and wanting to achieve the best and most realistic finish I could.  I must be my own biggest critic but I am really proud of the final cake, and hope that Rod and Sheila were able to successfully remove the teacups so that they have a lasting souvenir of their special day.

Congratulations Rod and Sheila on your Golden Wedding.

Ninety plus cupcakes in pods ready to be delivered…