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Steam Train Birthday Cake

19 Apr

This is the birthday cake that I made for my grandad’s 90th birthday party last week.  He is a big steam train fan so this was where the idea came from.  It is a similar design to the Thomas the Tank Engine cake that I made previously, but I tried to make it appear more ‘grown up (though the train did still end up blue!)’.  

The cake is made from an 8″ round madeira which I cut in half vertically, and then put both halves on their side to create a hill/tunnel effect.  This simple idea could easily be up or down-sized, and a sugar model of a toy train is also lovely on a Christening cake in pastel or primary colours.  If you wanted to make something like this at home you could also substitute a plastic model train.  

Happy Birthday Grandad!


Birthday Cake Catch Up

5 Jan

I thought I would share with you a couple of birthday cakes I did in December – two different ends of the age spectrum!  The gallery above shows you the cake that I did for my Gran on the occasion of her surprise ninetieth birthday family party.  It is a 10″ by 8″ madeira set on a rectangular board so that I could include both models of her and my Grandad (supported by the cake) in a garden setting.  I really like the vegetable patch and the model of my Gran in particular (though she doesn’t really look that much like Mrs Merton!).  The whole cake is edible except for the wire glasses I made for my Gran figure.  As usual, I’d overcatered and I gather that the leftovers were shared with the residents of the other flats where they live.  Happy Birthday Gran!

This next cake is one that I did for Lucas for his second birthday (8″ madeira).  I made him a cow cake last year but he has now moved on to dinosaurs and the Ice Age movies!  I had fun using the new imprint mats I’d bought at Cake Internatinal to create the tree bark effect.  I used an Ice Age promo picture to inspire this cake with the yellow hues colour scheme you see.  However, I will share with you my one tip if you do a dinosaur cake, and that is not to use a yellow background as it didn’t help my paranoia that I’d created a lizard family rather than a dinosaur family!  Happy Birthday Lucas!


Ninetieth Birthday Cakes and Step Ball Changes. Not necessarily in that order.

10 Nov


It has been a busy couple of weeks with illness, birthday celebrations, roadtrips, cake decorating classes and, last but not least, practises for the little show I am in for our Women’s Institute birthday party in a couple of weeks time.  My main achievement from these rehearsals so far is having mastered the step-ball-change.  My learning curve started with my dear friends Google and Youtube and then progressed to real-life friends, all apparently naturals at this nifty manoeuvre. Thank you to anyone reading this who has given me a demonstration.  I am pleased to say that I have now conquered it using my right leg.  On the left, I am still moving and looking like a reject from the some kind of Saturday night Riverdance-orientated reality TV talent show hosted by Graham Norton.  I do not need Craig Revel-Horwood to tell me that it is a bit crap, just as he doesn’t need me to tell him that he is a bit orange.  You will gather, as I have always known, that my talents do not lie in the artform that is dance.  At least there are no leotards involved in the show – well, not for me anyway.

My recent cake activity has been centred around the ninetieth birthday of a very special lady, for whom I made an eight inch Vanilla Madeira Sponge with seedless (very important on these occasions!) raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream.  The cake was finished with soft rolled icing and sugar flowers and butterflies in toning pastel shades of yellow, orange, pink and lilac.  I am told that there were tears when it was presented to the birthday girl and she really appreciated it, which was very lovely to hear.  Sadly, I am not sure that there will be tears when I make my dancing debut in a couple of weeks time.  Well, maybe not tears of joy anyway.