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3 May

This is a first birthday cake that I made recently for Tom’s birthday in a Waybuloo theme.  It is an 8″ vanilla madeira.  

I wanted to create a simple but visually appealing cake in a ‘clean’ design.  My aim was to replicate the colour scheme of Waybuloo with a simple 2D Yo-Jo-Jo on top.  To make the template for this I hit the CBeebies website and printed off one of the colour-in pictures, cut this up, and transferred the shapes to card.  It is a bit of a fiddly job to cut the pieces neatly, but you can really see the character come together as you go along.  You can also check your progress off the cake which is always a bonus!  The only criticism I have of the character with my nitpicky head on, is that I may have got a bit carried away with the eyelashes – he looks a bit “because I’m worth it”, shall we say.  Perhaps if Yo-Jo-Jo’s career in children’s telly ends he can look into adverts as an alternative.  Or perhaps not.

Happy Birthday Tom – Buloooooooo!